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Extruder Operator

Extruder Operators run extrusion lines to specifications that meet or exceed B&F Plastics and the customer's requirements and expectations.


• Ability to read, write and perform basic math skills

• Basic skills and aptitude to operate an extrusion line

• Ability to accurately use micrometers, tape measures, calipers, etc

• Sufficient knowledge of extrusion equipment and thermoplastic materials to make process adjustments required to set-up and maintain product within specifications

• Able to perform all duties of assistant operator

• Operate fork lift safely


Duties and Responsibilities:

Set-up and operate equipment to provide desired product properties

• Utilize previous set-up and run records to guide product set-up conditions

• Work with supervisors to insure the proper material and blend is used

• Make process adjustments to maintain product within specifications

• Properly label and store any unused or non-conforming materials

• Maintain safe working environment

• Keep work area clean to avoid contamination

• Assist Maintenance to set-up, change rolls and changeover machine

Verify that the products meet customer requirements

• Continuously inspect product for die lines, grain and other surface properties.

• Check gauge, dimensions, bias, flatness, color, orientation and/or dyne as required and

make process adjustments to maintain product within specifications.

Maintain quality and production records

• Complete all work order records, extruder set-up sheet and quality records

• Record actual resin blends, die and roll configuration on work order

Other duties

• Package finished product in accordance to B&F and customer requirements

• Assist in training employees

• Perform other duties as assigned


Physical skills required:            

Lifting requirements

100 lbs. up to 33% of the time with assistance

50 lbs. - 34% to 66% of the time

25 lbs. - 67% to 100% of the time

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