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Maintenance Employee

Maintenance Employees perform preventive and emergency maintenance for optimum machine performance in order to maintain equipment reliability and help maintain process consistency.


• Ability to read, write and perform basic math skills

• Be able to follow written and verbal instructions

• Capable of performing duties without direct supervision

• Ability to perform basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry work

• Capable of using diagnostic equipment, when needed, to identify and correct problems

• Capable of taking corrective actions on problems that arise

• Trained in Lockout/ Tagout

• Operate fork lift safely


Duties and Responsibilities:

• Perform preventive maintenance on equipment

• Keep production lines and related equipment in good operating condition

• Perform lift truck maintenance and repairs

• Perform routine maintenance, corrective action and problem solving in normal


• Clean sheet dies and lips as applicable

• Change motor brushes, roll bearings, pump seals and extrusion line rolls as needed

• Perform other duties as assigned

• Clean work areas


Physical skills required:           

Lifting requirements

100 lbs. up to 33% of the time with assistance

50 lbs. - 34% to 66% of the time

25 lbs. - 67% to 100% of the time

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